Q & A

Shipping / Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging is important to us. So we send out packages with R3pack Cushioned paper courier bags. These cushioned paper courier bags are made from recycled and FSC certified paper. So when you are finished with the bag, it can be easily home composted or recycled.

We ship our products through Pass the Parcel. Which is a service provided by Post Haste Couriers. All of our orders come with tracking numbers so you know exactly where your purchase is at anytime.

How long will it take to ship?

Currently due to COVID-19, New Zealand shipping time can experience delays unexpectedly. The average time for NZ delivers is 3-4 business days. We appreciate your patience during this time. Please check your tracking number for most current information.

What happens if my order is damaged?

Please let us know as soon as possible (with a photo), and we will replace the damaged item immediately.  If you would prefer a refund, just let us know and we will sort that for you.

Where are our books printed?

All our books are printed and bound in Auckland, New Zealand by Cube.

Do you have an Ebook?

Yes we do, currently available on Google play books available here

What was your process for making the book?

I’ve been working as a graphic designer for the past 5 years, and illustrating since forever, doing the artwork was the most straightforward aspect to me. Marketing, distribution and company management was new to me. I’ve learnt a lot and I’m a big believer in sharing expertise and helping people starting out on the same path so we can succeed together!

If you are interested - here’s how my process went for Pukeko’s Present!

From now on we’ll be packaging orders when they come in on an individual basis and having the courier come pick them up!

In the future we want to:

I will keep updating this page and I am happy to talk about this process!